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Saturday, July 27, 2024
7:30pm - 9:05pm
Billy Wilder Theater

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Embark on a mesmerizing journey through a collection of short films that celebrate the resilience, creativity and diverse expressive practices of creation within the queer community. Follow Felicia Oh, a Taiwanese American drag queen in NYC, as she navigates the vibrant drag scene; join Saturn Risin9, a queer performance artist, returning to the Bay Area to share a poetic tale of healing and joy; immerse in the boundless beauty of bodies in water through Shoog McDaniel's transformative lens, celebrating expansive affirmation of all bodies in northern Florida; experience Fran's rhythmically chaotic visit to his hometown in a narrative of memory and desire; and explore the lives of five trans and gender-expansive artists in Mexico City, captured through intimate Super 8 footage and 16mm film, showcasing their collective freedom and artistic expression. Each film offers a unique perspective, weaving together stories of self-discovery, community and the power of living authentically.

These films center the creative process as an empathy engine, inviting audiences to travel deeply into affirmations of self and connections to community and culture. Through the art of storytelling, dance, photography and performance, they offer a profound exploration of identity and belonging, highlighting the transformative power of creativity in forging connections and understanding. By immersing viewers in the personal journeys of these artists, the films encourage a deeper appreciation of the art of being and becoming through art, unity and solidarity within the queer community and beyond.

—Queer Rhapsody Senior Programmer Martine McDonald

Event Organizer

Suzy Lee