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Sunday, July 28, 2024
3:00pm - 4:35pm

Tickets will be available through the American Cinematheque website.

Throughout history, queer people have continuously conceptualized and practiced various forms of resistance — politically, artistically, individually and collectively. This rich legacy of defiance is reflected in the films presented in this block. These films not only scrutinize the world as it currently stands but also boldly raise the possibility of what it could become. Whether rooted in true stories or born from the imagination, these films illuminate the transformative power of challenging the status quo. They serve as a testament to the resilience and creativity of queer individuals, showcasing narratives that inspire viewers to explore, embrace, and ultimately, enact alternate futures. Each film acts as a catalyst for change, urging audiences to envision and strive for a more inclusive and equitable world. Through these compelling stories, the films empower viewers to dream beyond societal constraints and to believe in the potential for a radically different and better tomorrow.

—Queer Rhapsody Senior Programmer Moi Santos

Notes on a Siren

U.S., 2023  |  Narrative

Notes on a Siren offers a thought-provoking narrative on transformation intertwined with Black and African spirituality, reframing the story of the Siren and the Sailor.

Digital, 12 min. Director: Justice Jamal Jones. With: Justice Jamal Jones.

Seat 31: Zooey Zephyr

U.S., 2024  |  Documentary

After Zooey Zephyr was expelled from the Montana House of Representatives for defending transgender medical care, she made a nearby bench her “office.” A moment of discord ruptures into a path toward queer liberation and joy.

Digital, 15 min. Director: Kimberly Reed. With: Zooey Zephyr.

Realness With a Twist

U.K., 2023  |  Narrative

A talented footballer is forced to battle between his secret passion for voguing and the fear of his teammate's disapproval.

The Robbers

Austria, 2023  |  Narrative 

Three trans women meet in a country house to plan a robbery. The trick of the heist is that, in order to create a false trail, they disguise themselves as men. 

Digital, 16 min. Director: Isa Schieche. Screenwriter: Isa Schieche. With: Kristin Lerch, Thea Ehre, Isa Schieche, Florian Wild, Daniel Wintersteiger.

Octavia's Visions

Germany, 2019  |  Narrative 

Octavia’s Visions speaks to contemporary themes of environmental degradation, far-right extremism and social liberation. The poetic piece expresses a queer utopian imaginary, a longing to create out of the old something new.

Digital, 18 min. Director: Zara Zandieh. Screenwriter: Zara Zandieh. With: Martini Cherry Furter, Sandra Bello, Mandhla Ndubiwa, Nancy Andler.


U.S., 2023  |  Documentary 

Spaces for queer women have been shuttering over the last 30 years. MOTHER follows Malia and her bar in its first year, exploring why this space matters, whether it can survive, and what it means for her community if it doesn’t.

Digital, 23 min. Directors: Meg Shutzer, Brandon Yadegari Moreno. With: Malia Spanyol.

Event Organizer

Suzy Lee