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Monday, October 18, 2021
9:30am - 12:00pm
Data Management

The UCLA Library and the American Geophysical Union (AGU) share a commitment to helping researchers preserve, share, discover, and receive credit for their research data and software. Partnered together, we offer services, guidance, and coordinate improvements throughout the research lifecycle to guide researchers to organize, describe, and curate their data and software with the goal of transparency and reproducibility. Our services advance management and computational skills through training programs like The Carpentries and consulting services like the UCLA DataSquad to provide foundational practices and techniques for preserving and citing data and software.

We will open the webinar on the topic of the growing importance of open access to research data and software at UCLA and the AGU. Then we will walk you through the data and software resources and services the UCLA Library and AGU offer. This will be followed by a presentation on recent advances that may help you in your research, and provide an opportunity to discuss any additional data and software-related questions and challenges you may have. We hope to connect you with data and software services via the UCLA Library, the greater UCLA community, and the AGU while advancing your knowledge of current best practices and tools through this webinar.


  • Todd Grappone, Associate University Librarian for Digital Initiatives & Information Technology at UCLA Library
  • Roger Wakimoto, Vice-Chancellor for Research at UCLA
  • Brooks Hanson, Executive Vice President for Science for the AGU
  • Shelly Stall, Senior Director, AGU Data Leadership
  • Chris Erdmann, AGU Assistant Director, Data Stewardship 
  • Jamie Jamison, Library Data Science Center Data Collections Manager 
  • Leigh Phan Library Data Science Facilitator Leigh Phan, Library Data Science Center
  • Wynn Tranfield, Physical and Basic Sciences Librarian 

Registration is required. There are 46 seats available.

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Jamie Jamison
Leigh Phan
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Wynn Tranfield
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